Sanctuary: a retreat for soulful women

There’s a working abbey a few miles from my house, and every time I drive by on the way to visit a friend, I daydream about swinging my car in, running into the arms of a kindly nun and crying, “Sanctuary!”

Not for long. Maybe just for a day or two. Just for a break from screens, from phones, from requests and demands. Just for a little room to breathe, to hear, to rest, to wake up.

Maybe you’ve had that urge too?

If so, then I’d like to invite you to join me in 2019 for the first Sanctuary Retreat.



Sanctuary /ˈsaŋ(k)tjʊəri/:

refuge or safety; a holy place

Grove Farmhouse, Suffolk, UK

27-30 March 2019



Sometimes, when the world gets too loud, we need to get quiet.

Sometimes, when we get pulled in every direction, we need to pull away.

Sometimes, before we can move forward, we need to pause.

To breathe.

To listen.

To quiet the voices that tell us who we’re supposed to be so that we can hear the one that tells us who we are.

Sanctuary is your space to do that.


Book your space.


Have more questions? Visit the Sanctuary FAQ page, or email me.

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