Ah, young love…

Hello, and welcome to my very own proper blog. It’s been my intention to start up a wordpress blog for about three months (don’t get me started on my internet troubles).

Simon and I are living in Chesham, England in a cute(and if ‘cute’ implies ‘tiny,’ it’s not an accident) flat that was once a post office. It even has a red post box out front.

I’ve been working for Toybox since the beginning of me, but they’re just about to relocate to Bletchley, which sounds just a little too much like Belch-ley for my liking, so I’m moving on. A friend of mine at work and I were just talking about the tendency of women to undersell themselves. We’re not aware of how much we’re worth, and we’re willing to settle for so much less.

Another friend of mine at work is an exception to this rule: she’s talked her salary up by thousands of pounds on two occasions in the last 5 years. I’m desperate for confidence in how much I’m worth. I’m desperate for the conviction that lends itself to negotiating for more money, better benefits, and – in truth – being treated like I’m worth something.

How much are you worth?

Author: Faith

Faith Dwight is a photographer and a writer. She is a Southern American girl living just north of London with her British husband, Simon and their two halfling sons.

One thought

  1. hey faith! i caught your comment on the pinkhairedgirl site and thought I’d see what your blog was like! you’ll have to pst a picture of that cute place in England and the red mailbox.. I’ve always wanted to travel there but have never done it. at least maybe i could appreciate it from afar…

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