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So long, Sunday Blues

I’ll admit it, there are some things I miss about working 9 to 5: seeing some great friends every day, my salary, and – I’ll admit it – the prestige of being a magazine editor.

Know what I don’t miss?  

That Sunday Evening Feeling. 

Right now, it’s after midnight, and I’ve had a glass of wine and a piece of (my special homemade) Mixed Berry Pie.  I’m watching King of Queens and have written notes to good friends who’ve done some nice things for me over the last week.  I’ve emailed two people who’ve asked about rates for doing some PR for them, and I’ve folded my laundry.

What I haven’t done is a) cry*, b) panic, or c) spend the last six hours sighing heavily. 

Losing my job may just be the best thing that’s happened to me in quite a long time.

*unless you count the sneaky tears I shed over that Hallmark commercial, when the mom slips a card in the busy dad’s jacket pocket, and he comes back in and says, “I love you too.” Brilliant. 

4 Responses to “So long, Sunday Blues”

  1. Jennafleur

    Ah, I wish I felt the same about Sundays! I ALWAYS have the Sunday blues/ Sunday night panic attack about what I have to do on Monday. I am so resentful that I use my last night of relaxation, running through the steps for Monday. I am so happy you are finding peace in your new change. 🙂

  2. kelli

    i was bowling with a friend of mine {} a few months ago and he said “i love Mondays”…..WHAT!?!?!? He is self employed and is doing what he loves to do. I couldn’t even wrap my mind around that….until….the layoff. I now know what it means to look forward to Mondays! Im glad you do too! xoxo


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