your life is beautiful

Dear Americans,

Please don’t say “bugger” ’cause you think it sounds cute and British.  It’s ruder than you think it is.


Your British Liaison

5 Responses to “Dear Americans,”

  1. Carolyn

    i’ve always said I’m stuffed….and i grew up in North Carolina…..

    • atomicblonde

      I think Brenda’s saying “Don’t say ‘I’m stuffed’ in England.” However, I don’t think “I’m stuffed” means anything different here. When I went to South Africa a few years ago, we were told not to say it cause it meant “sexually satisfied.” Yeeaaah.

  2. Christina

    My mom tells a story of when she called a kid a ‘little booger’ in front of a English guy she was dating (this was like 30 years ago) and he got furious because he thought she said ‘bugger’

  3. Tim

    well… maybe I’m not supposed to but it was funny to see Simon turn red in downtown Wilmington. He kept saying “that’s quite rude” through a nervous laugh. Possibly my favorite memory.


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