I need your opinion.

I use wordpress now, but I’ve been thinking about moving over to blogspot.

What do you guys think?  Anyone got a blogspot, or a wordpress, or tried both?  I’d be very interested to hear your opinions!

Author: Faith

Faith Dwight is a photographer and a writer. She is a Southern American girl living just north of London with her British husband, Simon and their two halfling sons.

4 thoughts

  1. Hello Faith! I just saw your question on facebook. I have a blogspot blog and sure, I like it, but I think wordpress is just as good… To me, both are equivalent, and both copy each other quite a lot. But from what I hear, you will have a lot of trouble transfering your data from one to the other, and you will certainly lose some of your comments…

  2. Faith, in the last year, I’ve designed two web sites using WordPress templates, hosted on servers outside of WordPress. You have much more flexibility doing that because you can use whatever template you want, and there are hundreds to choose from. I’ve found WP to be very flexible, easy to customize, and the availability of plugins to customize your site is enormous. I’m telling you this because if you ever want to re-design using a different template, it’s painless and fairly easy to do. If you have any questions you’d like to ask me, I’m here for you. 😉

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