your life is beautiful

I’m Obsessed with ___.

1. Searching for the perfect dress for my little sister’s wedding.

2.  This champagne cork cocktail ring by DaimBlond.

3. This embroidered bracelet by Amy at Ponder and Stitch.

Which brings me to…


4. My husband.

I know, I know, I say it all the time and it’s getting annoying.

But this week I extra mean it because he’s talked and hugged me through two meltdowns.

I don’t know how he does it.

5. My little boy’s laugh.

Note #1: My sangin’ in this video is very twangy.  It’s because my baby likes country music.

Note #2: The weird angle is from the camera propped on some books because Adlai won’t do anything if he thinks he’s being filmed.  Diva.

6. My church.

I can’t say enough good things about it: awesome people, awesome music, awesome teachers, awesome everything.

(AND, my friend Richard did all our new branding.  Ain’t it purdy?)

7. eBay.  I’ve rediscovered this money-making gem from my past and am selling everything I own.

A girl’s gotta make a livin’.

8. This chalkboard necklace from Haden Designs.


9. Adele.  Especially this song.  So dreamy.

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