30 Ways to Say I Love You

Thank you for excusing me yesterday.

I’m waiting on a couple of girls who are doing their dreams, but are so busy doing them, they haven’t gotten round to telling me about them!  I can absolutely relate, because hey, I’ve been crazy busy too, so I’ve got three tons (or tonnes, if you’re British) of grace for them.  They’ll be back soon!

So…guess who turned 30 yesterday?

You guessed it – Mr. Simon P. Dwight.

And, in honor of that gorgeous man, and just how much of a dream-come-true he is for me, I’m taking this opportunity to list 30 things I love about him.

Ready?  Here we go…

1. I love that he is freakishly good at random games like ping-pong, bowling, and darts.

2. I love that he’s a methodical reader.  He’s not a fast reader, but he’s committed.  He’s read all of the Harry Potter books, and every night – I mean EVERY NIGHT – he reads his daily Bible readings in bed.

3. I love that he makes way better omelettes than I do.

4. I love that he cleans the bathroom more than I do.

5. I love that he rides his bike to work every day – and still works out several times a week.

6. I love that he gets on the floor with Adlai after work every day, and makes him laugh so hard he can’t breathe.  And I love that it makes me laugh, too.

7. I love that I my head fits perfectly on his shoulder.

8. I love that he calls me “my little wife.” (At 5’10”, ain’t nothin’ about me little.)

9. I love that he loves the poor.

10. I looooooove his singing voice.

11. Heck, I love his talking voice. (British accents = sexy.)

12. I love that he has so much grace for me when I can barely hold my life together.

13. I love that he plans our budget every month.  Because someone has to do it, and I hate spreadsheets.

14. I love that he prayed me through every night of my depression four years ago.

15. I love that he believes in my writing, my photography.

16. I love that he had enough wisdom to turn down a job in acoustic engineering a year ago because he saw that God had changed his path, that he’d been called into a life of ministry.

17. I love that he likes to watch old episodes of The Office and Frasier over and over again.

18. I love that I’ve sucked him into numerous television shows he’d previously refused to watch: Downton Abbey, Glee, The Bachelor.

19. I love that he moved to America for me four years ago.

20. I love that he fell in love with my home, with my friends.

21. I love that he gets teary-eyed sometimes when he tells me about his grandparents.

22. I love that he is fiercely protective of his family.

23. I love that he knows all the words Skinnamarinky-dinky-dink.

24. I love that he gets the words wrong to just about every song on the radio.

25. I love that he always packs my birthday with “funtivities.”

26. I love how much he loves his friends.

27. I love that he always looks for the good in people, and…

28. I love that he is an amazing judge of character.

29. I love that he changes diapers, that he gets up at 5:30am, that he’s sometimes the only one who can get Adlai to go to sleep.

30. I love that I could think of another thirty things I love about him.

Simon Dwight, you have lived your first thirty years so well.  May the next thirty be just as full.

Author: Faith

Faith Dwight is a photographer and a writer. She is a Southern American girl living just north of London with her British husband, Simon and their two halfling sons.

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