Five Things Friday

1. I’m looking forward to my Saturday: brunch with sweet friends, followed by handmade Christmas shopping, followed by watching White Christmas (my most favourite Christmas movie of all time) for the first time this year.


2. I’ve been struggling to get into the Christmas spirit, but a trip to the mall (of all places) this morning did it for me: eggnog lattes, cozy hat shopping for Adlai, and twinkly lights everywhere.  Now I’m ready to deck my halls.

3. I read this this week, and I found it so thought-provoking: On Israel, the Church, and the Politics of Jesus

4. God is so good to our family, and so faithful to His promises.  Namely this week?  This one:


5. I’ve been thinking a lot about friendships: new ones and old ones, what they’re for, and how to do them well. I’m so thankful for friends who leave me feeling encouraged, challenged, and honoured…and sometimes honour looks a lot different than I expect it to.

Hope you all have a ridiculously good weekend!

Author: Faith

Faith Dwight is a photographer and a writer. She is a Southern American girl living just north of London with her British husband, Simon and their two halfling sons.

4 thoughts

  1. White Christmas is one of my favorites too. I love it when Vera Ellen is putting the movies on Danny Kaye and he gets all uncomfortable. And I like the inn. So beautiful. I know it’s a stage set, but still, it’s nice.

    Ever caught this blooper? VE and DK are dancing along the dock and go up on an overturned boat. She trips up a little bit, does a windmill thing with her arms and recovers.quickly. You have to be looking for it, though.

    I hope you have a good weekend, too. 🙂

  2. so i’ve been crying about everything lately.. a tylenol commercial.. sarah’s beautiful photos of the hookers.. an old christmas quilt covered in handstitched log cabins .. and now this. i’ve finally figured out that i’m seeing Jesus in all these things.

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