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Featured on Kelli + Vanessa [My Everyday]

Today you can find me on Kelli + Vanessa, where I’m part of a series very close to my heart, called My Everyday.

My Everyday IG LOGOBased partly in Instagram, it’s a collection of interview questions and photos from creative moms about balancing life and motherhood and creative dreams.

I’m so honored to be a part of it, and I’m also inspired by all the other women featured.  I think you will be too.

So go read the blog, and then follow @kelliandvanessa on Instagram, and check out the series by searching #myeverydaymoms.

2 Responses to “Featured on Kelli + Vanessa [My Everyday]”

  1. Viki

    My favourite snippet of info from this guest blog…the sex of baby #2. Yey!

  2. Sarah

    This interview was so fun to read. It’s especially fun because I know you (well!) and I know that everything you said was authentic and honest. It’s fun reading things from the perspective of NOT knowing you and thinking how much I would like you. 🙂 Well done, friend!!


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