All day Saturday I felt this baby boy moving inside of me.  And I mean all. day.

I pointed it out to Simon, who watched from across the room as my belly pulsed and rolled, and I put Adlai’s hand on my tummy at bedtime, to let him feel his little brother kick and wiggle.  He says, “yeah Mama,” when I ask him if he wants to touch the baby, but he struggles to be still long enough to feel anything.

Me, I cherish the brief, quiet moments when it is just me and this new one, when he reminds me he’s coming.

Now, it’s 1pm, and Adlai is sleeping. We were at playgroup this morning, which is always fun and noisy and exhausting, and I have work to do this afternoon – laundry and sending invoices and copywriting. But I am sitting down now, because I am tired. And because I want one little moment with my littlest one.

I can feel something hard at the top of my belly, and I’m pretty sure it’s his bottom. So I push it, and I feel his hands or his head press against the other end of my abdomen.

Soon he’ll be out here with us.

“Baby comin’,” Adlai says. “To Ah-gai’s house.”

Soon he will kick and wiggle on a blanket on the floor. My belly will be empty, but my house will be full.

Full of stinky toddler diapers and stinky newborn diapers. Full of breast pads and juice boxes and rattles and bikes. Full of hysterical, tickle-induced laughter, and frantic feed-me-now cries.

Full of little pieces of my heart, moving around outside my body.

Full of my family.

Full of my boys.

Author: Faith

Faith Dwight is a photographer and a writer. She is a Southern American girl living just north of London with her British husband, Simon and their two halfling sons.

8 thoughts

  1. The sweetness of feeling life within you, active and growing stronger is a blessing for which I am ever thankful. As the mother of two grown sons this brought back memories of those days. Thank you for sharing. Best wishes for continued health and happiness for you and your growing family.

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