Five Things Friday

Five Pregnancy-Related Things People Have Said to Me This Week


1. “It doesn’t look like your baby has dropped yet.” For anyone not well-versed in pregnancy speak, a baby generally “drops” (also known as engaging) just before they’re ready to be born.  When a pregnant woman’s bump looks a bit lower, it can sometimes mean labour is just around the corner.  However, my midwife tells me babies rarely engage before labour after a first pregnancy, so…yeah.

2. “Your bump looks a lot lower!”  See above.  These two observations were made on the same day.

3. “Are you sure you’ve only got one baby in there?” Yep…pretty sure.  Although Adlai does keep laying his head on my belly and saying, “one baby, two babies.”  Maybe he knows something I don’t.

4. “Your bump is so neat!  You don’t look nine months pregnant!” Again, see above.  Am I huge or not? (Don’t answer that question.) I’m so confused.

5. “Come out, Baby Dwight!” No, Baby Dwight.  Please don’t.  I need the weekend to wash your onesies and tidy my room.  I’m happy for you to come any time after Monday, capiche? Love you. xxx

Author: Faith

Faith Dwight is a photographer and a writer. She is a Southern American girl living just north of London with her British husband, Simon and their two halfling sons.

7 thoughts

  1. that must surely be the tip of a 9 month iceberg… surely you’ve had it up to here with what you should and should not be doing during your pregnancy… from complete strangers even. To keep your temper and patience during that is amazing – I am in awe. I mean you aren’t writing this from a prison cell so obviously any venting on your part has been kept in check!

  2. Ha! It is amazing to me what people say to pregnant women. People kept predicting the gender of my babies even after we knew what we were having. My favorite was “Look at your nails” So, I did. “Oh! You are having a girl, I can tell by the way you held your fingers when you looked. The ultrasound was wrong. It is a girl for sure.”

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