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Hi, and welcome to the Dwights’ Healthy Happy Plan! Today’s post is from Kezia from  She’s sharing some tips she gave me, and next week I’ll let you know how we’re getting on.

And now, without further ado, Kezia:

I asked Faith to give me a list of things she wanted to see change in her family – illnesses, ailments, etc. – and over the next few weeks I’ll be suggesting dietary changes she can make that will address her concerns.  From here on out, I’m going to be writing to Faith directly, but feel free to follow along as she becomes my guinea pig (mwahahaha).

So, Faith, I have split your plan into four sections, with the idea that you implement each small change one sustainable step at a time. Also, I have offered three different levels of change depending on how you feel or what your budget is. Please always keep in mind that small lasting changes are so much better than giant but temporary leaps into a healthier lifestyle .

Sip is the lowest impact of change and is a great start in the right direction. This would be a good place to start if you feel overwhelmed by a suggestion or the health practice/routine is totally new. This is the low-budget option also.

Gulp is a medium-sized change, if you feel like you have a larger capacity for change or have some experience in the suggested area.

Gallon is if you just feel able and ready to go all out and radical in making a change. (This is great if you do but please remember it is far better to make small lasting steps than a few months of big changes that don’t have long-term health impacts.)

Also I will give you some general guidelines to health which are just strategies and ideas to support all your amazing efforts in creating a healthier lifestyle.

Let’s get started!

Faith told me that she and Adlai suffer from bouts of eczema,that she often feels bloated, and that she and Simon want to lose weight and have more energy.  Today, I’m mostly focusing on eczema – we’ll get to the other things later!

#1 Take Daily Fish Oils

Why? Eczema is not fun. Red, itchy inflamed skin is not a delightful experience and I totally believe our bodies are always communicating with us through our symptoms. So I am going to start with this.

Eczema is inflammation due to a reduced lipid (fat) barrier in the skin which causes water to be lost faster and skin to become drier.

Eczema is also thought to be a result of poor immunity as this article suggests : The immune system cells of people with atopic eczema (your average eczema) release chemicals under the skin’s surface which may cause inflammation. Experts are not 100% sure why this happens. They just know that it is an immune system overreaction.”

It can also be a result of stress and general run-down-ness (Is that a word?  It is now). I personally get eczema when I eat too much dairy, and am run-down or stressed (I get it on my face. Nice!).


Option Action Tips/dose
Sip Basic supplement Begin with 2 a day then increase to 3.
Gulp Cod liver oil with added goodness As above
Gallon Fermented cod liver oilThis oil is not heated in any way so contains the maximum and most nutritionally available fats minerals and vitamins. That’s why is pricey. Begin with one a day then increase
Kid-FriendlyI have obviously never tried it but it would be easier than a pill for Adlai, and sounds tasty!

Essential Fatty Acids – which is what fish oils are – are a daily essential for our body and Omega 3 + 6 cannot be stored or produced by our bodies, which is why I am suggesting a supplement. You can’t supplement your way to health, but fish oils are one of the few to take on a regular basis.

Also, eat as much oily fish as you can afford. Salmon pieces, mackerel and tinned sardines are all good sources, taste great on toast and are affordable. Eat them instead of ham in a sandwich, in a salad , or use it in a curry instead of chicken.

#2 Boost  your Immune System: For a limited period of time take a high dose of Vitamin C.

Why? There have been lots of studies to show mega dosing of Vitamin C is very beneficial, as again it is a vitamin that we need daily and is not stored in our body. Also, to get around 1g of it you would need to consume something like 50 oranges a day!

Try to avoid any supermarket bought ones as they tend to fill them with bulker and junk; also, those fizzy ones tend to be filled with sweetener.

For Adlai though, there are kiddy versions that will probably have sweeteners in – just make sure it’s not aspartame or high fructose corn syrup or anything like that, as getting it into his body is more important right now than avoiding all sweeteners.


Sip/Gulp/Gallon Begin with one a day and take up to 3 (Your body will tell you to stop through your bowel movement! Fun!)


#3 Reducing Dairy from Diet

Why? Lactose is a known inflammatory to lots of people and can prevent correct digestion taking place. Sometimes milk proteins can enter the blood stream (due to poor gut wall lining and protection –we  will hit that later on in the plan), which causes the immune system to go a bit mad and into toxic mode, trying to get rid of this foreign protein. This can cause bloating gas and horrible smells due to a rotting of dairy (or other food) in the intestine which release putrid-smelling gases (Lovely). Inflammation is a typical expression of this toxicity.

Option Action Tips
Sip Switch to only raw milk and reduce intake by half. Still enjoy mature cheese (organic is best) and butter, but avoid it in any processed things.
Gulp Remove milk from your diet but enjoy  the cheese and butter mentioned above.  Switch to almond milk ideally, but you could try oat/rice too. Avoid soy.
This also applies to commercial yogurt, it contains lactose as it is not left fully to ferment.
Gallon Remove all dairy for a week or month and begin to incorporate kefir (fermented milk or water) into your diet daily, building up the quantities day by day. I bought my kefir grains from here and it is super easy to make, just ensure you leave it for 24 hours to remove all lactose. (I use the yogurt starter as its much less faff than grains).

Note: Kezia is not a medical professional, but she is one of the most knowledgeable people I’ve ever met when it comes to healing foods.  I’m trusting her as a friend who’s done years of research and trying things for herself, knows a lot more than I do about clean eating. I’ll be taking the advice I feel works for our family and leaving anything I’m not sure about.

Author: Faith

Faith Dwight is a photographer and a writer. She is a Southern American girl living just north of London with her British husband, Simon and their two halfling sons.

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