This is Brave.

Sometimes I get a word stuck in my head – or, more accurately, in my heart – and it just keeps coming back to me.

I’ve seen a lot of bloggers and Instagrammers posting their “word of the year” – a word that feels significant for them in 2014. And maybe that’s kind of what this is…except it feels more like a word for more than that.

It’s February now, which means I will be 32 in just a few weeks. And because this word feels so big to me, I’ve decided to write about it in the coming days. Because maybe it’s my word of 2014. Or maybe it’s the word of my 33rd year…but what I’m really hoping is that it’s a word for the rest of my life.


I want to be brave, and I want to be surrounded by brave people, because I think sometimes that’s how we get brave – by linking arms with other people who are desperate for the same things we are…but more on that later.

I’ve asked a few beautiful people to write about bravery, too, and I hope you’ll come back to read their stories, and to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with us as we learn what brave looks like.

Author: Faith

Faith Dwight is a photographer and a writer. She is a Southern American girl living just north of London with her British husband, Simon and their two halfling sons.

4 thoughts

  1. You have always struck me as a brave women. It takes guts and strength of character to move from ones home nation to a far flung place. It takes guts to put ones feelings and thoughts out there creatively. It takes strengh to follow Jesus and stand again and again in places of faith and hope. Bravery runs through your vains.

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