In case you’ve ever wondered what the heck it is I do.

The past year has been a different season for me. After a year-long maternity leave with Koa, I started taking on work last March. The work built up slowly over the following months, but in this new phase of life – with Adlai in preschool three days a week (and starting school in September! *sniff*) and Koa much happier and more independent coming up to his second birthday – I have a renewed focus and passion for my work.

I spend so much of my time on it – my business – in fact, that I’ve been thinking for a long time that I want to start writing about it more, to share what I’ve learned over the past few years. In case you’re not sure what I do (you’re not the only one), here’s a run-down:

  • I blog here. I don’t get paid directly for doing that, but I’m planning changes to this site that you’ll be seeing over the next few weeks that will include me selling workshops and resources for dreamers and entrepreneurs and people who want to start something.
  • I’m a wedding + lifestyle photographer. I love this work. Love, love, love it. I’m based in England, but have shot weddings in Scotland and France as well. I have dreams of shooting in America too, since I’m from North Carolina and like to visit there about once a year, and I’ll be writing more about that in the future.
  • I still do a little bit of copywriting and editing. I’m a writer for sure, but mostly a storyteller. So the writing I do here on my blog is my first love. People ask me all the time what copywriting is – they tend to get it confused with a “copyright”, which is a completely different thing. Here’s an example of some copywriting: You know how, if you support a charity, for instance, you might get a magazine through the post that says: “Thanks so much for your continued support! Thanks to you, we’ve been able to continue our work with the vulnerable children of Kenya…” and then goes on to tell lots of stories about everything you’ve helped make happen? I write those. Basically, I take boring or technical information and make it interesting for normal people. In the past, this has been my main source of income, but photography has slowly overtaken it and now I only take on a couple of these projects every year.

While I’ve been growing (and continue to grow) my business, I’ve been incredibly blessed by other creatives and entrepreneurs who share their time and knowledge generously. It’s inspired and convicted me so much that I’m desperate to give away what I’ve learned to others, too. I already have posts in the works about work/life “balance” (ha), being a working mom, overcoming fear, and some resources that I’ve found helpful. If there’s something you’d love me to blog on, please tell me in the comments. I’d really love to answer your questions.

*headshots by my gorgeous friend Cat Lane, one of those generous souls I was talking about.

Author: Faith

Faith Dwight is a photographer and a writer. She is a Southern American girl living just north of London with her British husband, Simon and their two halfling sons.

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