2016: The word you’re looking for is “grateful.”

January 6, 2017

Everybody who’s anybody is doing one of these 2016 year-in-review posts. And well, why not? There’s something really fulfilling and gratitude-inducing about looking back over the year and remembering every amazing thing I got to shoot – every couple I got to watch promise each other forever, every family I got to capture during these frantic, sleepy days, every marriage I got to celebrate like an intimate part of the family.

A few of my highlights:

Honestly. The way people trust me to spend some of the most important, intimate, vulnerable moments of their lives with them…there’s no way there’s a better job on earth.

So, without further ado…a celebration of a great year for Faith Dwight Photography. Thank you all, so very, very much.


4 responses to “2016: The word you’re looking for is “grateful.””

  1. Beautiful photographs. I can really see the humanity in all your subjects and these captures moments.

  2. Beth Harris says:

    So incredibly beautiful. You have an amazing gift of capturing the feeling behind the moment.

  3. Vic says:

    I love every single of these photographs! Absolutely brilliant; you are able to capture the love in every single photo. Absolutely brilliant.

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