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2016: The word you’re looking for is “grateful.”

Everybody who’s anybody is doing one of these 2016 year-in-review posts. And well, why not? There’s something really fulfilling and gratitude-inducing about looking back over the year and remembering every amazing thing I got to shoot – every couple I got to watch promise each other forever, every family I got to capture during these frantic, sleepy days, every marriage I got to celebrate like an intimate part of the family.

A few of my highlights:

  • Forcing Rhian + Arun to stay on top of the Dunstable Downs with me while a storm rolled in, just so we could take advantage of the sexy rain and gale-force winds. #worthit
  • Shooting one of the most beautiful, whole-hearted weddings I’ve ever witnessed with my good friend Colin Ross in Edinburgh.
  • Photographing Jack + Sally in the fields and forests of Ashridge, near Berkhamsted.
  • Flying to Scotland to capture a surprise vow renewal for Audrey + Danny’s 40th anniversary.
  • Capturing important moments for my own friends and family: my sister Catherine, pregnant in Sheffield… my friends Phil + Beshlie, right after they had their second son, Kit…Sarah, one of my best friends, and her baby girl Romy, who turned one while were all on holiday together in North Wales…

Honestly. The way people trust me to spend some of the most important, intimate, vulnerable moments of their lives with them…there’s no way there’s a better job on earth.

So, without further ado…a celebration of a great year for Faith Dwight Photography. Thank you all, so very, very much.


4 Responses to “2016: The word you’re looking for is “grateful.””

  1. Beth Harris

    So incredibly beautiful. You have an amazing gift of capturing the feeling behind the moment.

  2. Vic

    I love every single of these photographs! Absolutely brilliant; you are able to capture the love in every single photo. Absolutely brilliant.


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