All in a day’s work.

September 2, 2010

If you’re in England, you might want to be watching BBC Breakfast at 8:20 this morning.

I’m just sayin’.

I may or may not be on the couch talking to Bill Turnbull about being an early sprouter.

And there may or may not be a really embarrassing photo of me broadcast on national television.

4 responses to “All in a day’s work.”

  1. saraheoliver says:

    i have goosebumps and im tuned in!!!

  2. Kathy says:

    Hey! You were so cute. Congratulations on being on the Teevee. Hope you and Simon and Dwight-under-construction are all doing well. I replied to you on Twitter, but then I saw that you aren’t following me! What with it being Friday and all, you should get on that.

  3. Cool! Is there a feature on youtube? 😉

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