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September 17, 2012

First, I’d like to introduce you to Great Smitten’s newest sponsor, Along for the Ride.

Laura makes pretty, feminine, delicate jewelry; I’m especially in love with these bias tap earrings…

…and this simple strand of vintage glass beads…

…and these lace and cotton earrings…

…and, well, okay.  Everything.

And now I’ve got good news for you!  Laura is giving away a $15 credit to her lovely shop, for you to spend on whatever you like.

To enter, all you have to do is visit the Along for the Ride shop, then comment on this post telling us which of Laura’s pieces you like best.  Entries close at midnight GMT on Sunday, and I’ll announce the winner next Monday.

Sound good? Great.

Now go.

24 responses to “Along for the Ride | A Smitten Giveaway”

  1. LOVE ALL, especially: Simple Strand of Beads: teal infinity necklace. 🙂 xoxo

  2. The All Buttoned Up: lace and cotton fabric-covered button necklace is gorgeous. The green or plum really caught my eye. Wonderful find. 🙂

  3. Joelle says:

    Oooo, so hard to choose a favorite. A Little Cluster of Beads: Pink Czech Glass Cluster Necklace is especially lovely.

  4. I love, love, love the I’m A Little Bit Biased: bias tape earrings, there are so many colors to choose from and they have a cute yet classy look to them. And, I know several others who would like them too!

  5. Ashley says:

    My goodness, I love Along for the Ride. Favorite: Just Rosy pendants – so feminine and beautiful!!

  6. The Teal Infinity Necklace is so beautiful! Love it!

  7. catcristy says:

    I love all her stuff, but I fell in love with her cream lace bias tape rosette earrings:
    Thank you for sharing this with us, CAT.

  8. Claire says:

    I love the bias tape earrings, such a range of beautiful colors to choose from!!

  9. lissie says:

    i love the little cluster of beads in gold! xoxo

  10. Kari Ann says:

    What a beautiful Etsy shop and great prices too! I love the cream lace bias tape rosette earrings.

  11. Rachel says:

    Such beautiful things and so creative:). I also love the bias tape earrings. So great!

  12. sarah campbell says:

    all soooooo lovely in particular the bias tape earrings they are gorgeous, so many different colours!

  13. The Simple Strand of Beads, in any color, would have to be my favorite. So simple, yet so elegant!

  14. emilyangell says:

    So hard to choose! You can’t go wrong with a strand of pretty beads but those biased tape earrings are so dreamy! I don’t know how I could decide on only one favorite. Such pretty things!

  15. Courtney says:

    Really neat jewelry. I love how simple everything is. My favorite would have to be the cluster glass bead necklaces. 🙂

  16. Audrey says:

    I love the All Buttoned Up earrings and the simple strand of graduated beads in light blue. And the cluster necklace. I just kind of really love everything about this shop! Love!

  17. Emily Loewen says:

    Everything is so beautiful! But I really love the Little Cluster of Beads: light blue Czech glass and the I’m A Little Bit Biased earrings, so cute!

  18. beautifulfrolic says:

    Shock. I love the “I’m a little bit biased” earrings. And, of course, the Czech glass clusters!
    Keep it up!

  19. The “I’m A Little Bit Biased” earrings are so cool! I love earrings, but own way more dangle earrings than studs. The bias tape earrings are both quirky and classy, so they make a great addition to an outfit.

  20. Hannah says:

    What lovelies! I especially like her rose pendants. Simple and beautiful. 🙂

  21. I’m loving the Just Rosy Pendant in Grey!
    I may be making a purchase regardless… all of her pieces are so pretty!

  22. Liz says:

    It’s a toss up between A Little Cluster of Beads: pink Czech glass cluster necklace and Simple Strand of Beads: vintage graduated glass bead necklace in light blue.

    All so pretty!

  23. I’m just curious, who won the credit?

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