Everybody needs a mentor. 

Is it for you?

You tell me. Are you:

Awesome. Here’s what I can offer you:

-My own knowledge and experience, learned through pursuing my own audacious dreams.

-Help with getting to the heart of your dreams and struggles, to find out what really drives you, and what stops you.

-Open-ended Q&A sessions: you ask, and I’ll do my best to answer.

-Help with goal-setting, including small steps you can take the minute we get finish our call to start moving you toward your goals.


And…here’s what I can’t offer you:

-A guarantee that I’ll think your idea is awesome. The point is to get to the heart of what you want your life to look like, and then dig into the roots of what drives you. If I don’t feel like your idea is healthy, then we’ll work together to find out what you really want and a healthy way to get there.

-I can’t promise that I’ll sponsor, endorse or share any project.



The first group, starting the 15th of October, is limited to no more than 6 women.


£300 until 7th October (inclusive)

£350 after 7th October

*In USD, whatever the current exchange rate is at time of payment.
*This is an introductory price for the very first time I’m offering group mentoring.

Interested? Fill out the form to sign up, and take the first step toward making those scary-big dreams come true. Got questions? Email me.

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