Be your best boss ever.

March 11, 2015

I follow a lot of creative people on Instagram: photographers, illustrators, entrepreneurs.

I was scrolling through a few weeks ago on what the English call a “Bank Holiday” (Americans, read: Memorial Day, MLK day, something like that), and one of the freelance illustrators I follow posted a picture of herself working, with the caption:

“No bank holidays when you work for yourself.”

Now, excuse me, but…no.

I understand deadlines – probably more than most people (I used to be a journalist, don’t you know.). But probably 50% of the reason I started my own business was so that I could have more flexible time to spend with my family, to spend on my life.

Have you ever heard about workplaces like Google and SAS – how they offer amazing benefits like gourmet meals and on-site massages and flexible hours and bringing your kids to work? Wouldn’t you love to work somewhere like that? Me too! And guess what? I DO. I have an amazing boss, and her name is Faith Dwight.

Here are just a few ways I be an awesome boss for myself:

If I want to get driven into the ground by work – to miss my kids’ school plays, to be dog-tired all the time, to sit inside on the computer while the rest of the world is outside in the sunshine – I’m sure I can find a magazine in the city that will happily abuse me and call it a job. But that’s not what I choose.

I choose bank holidays, and restful weekends, and five weeks of vacation a year (and I’m working on that on-site massages thing).

I choose a life.

(And you should, too.)

I’d love to hear from you in the comments: How do you be your best boss ever?

9 responses to “Be your best boss ever.”

  1. amaltonblog says:

    Love this, Faith! I love how you’re able to put your family before work but still do a job you love. I went part-time after having Stella and I feel like I still can’t get everything done I want to get done, but it’s so. much. better. for the whole family!! Now about that housekeeper…I think that’s next for us. 🙂

    • Faith says:

      To me, it just proves that we can have boundaries and still do the work we love! We always have a choice. Thank you SO MUCH for commenting – and yes! Get a housekeeper! X

  2. Sabrina says:

    For those of us who are gearing up to embark on really, really, FINALLY embarking on full-time entrepreneurship, I say that you keep on sharing these amazing tips! xo, Sabrina

  3. kimmifer says:

    I’m very happy to read something like this. I work part-time at home as a copy-editor/writer, but my away-from-home job has a specific time of year that is very demanding on my time and energy. I used to try to juggle both, but it was always difficult and very stressful. It took a really long time for me to decide to simply take a break from doing both for that period. The boundaires that we set for ourselves are so important!

  4. jennilonglegs says:

    Faith, this is awesome and exactly what I needed to read tonight. About 7 months ago, my husband and I decided to uproot (which means I quit my very cushy job) to travel (Europe for three months) and land in Denver, CO. I am a full-time entrepreneur with a personal assisting company to help people balance their lives like I wanted mine to be balanced so badly when I had a ‘job’. I love working from home and the flexibility it offers but lately I’ve been Miss Always Available. Thanks for the reminder that it’s time to shut off and take time for my husband and my life… The whole reason I started this thing to begin with.

  5. Mary-Jane Attafuah says:

    Just came across your blog, this post is great. I’m about to step out of full time employment in PR into the world of entrepreneurship and this has been an encouraging reminder of why I’m doing this! Would love to hear more on topics like this.

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