Big Business News!

February 7, 2012

I did something scary this week: I went semi-public with a new business venture I’ve been working on for several months.  And now I’m going to go public with it here, with you.  Ready?

Here goes.

That’s right, ladies and gentleman, I’m the proud owner of Faith Dwight Photography (as well as my already established business as Faith Dwight | Wordsmith – more on that later).  Although I’ve been talking about and preparing to go public with my photography business for months, pressing the “Publish” button on facebook nearly gave me a heart attack.  Turns out putting your creative business out in the open is terrifying.

Which leads me to tomorrow’s post –  What My 20s Taught Me: Fear is a Not a Thing.

Don’t miss it.

And do like Faith Dwight Photography on facebook.

And like Great Smitten, too.

You know, if you really do like it.

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  1. Mamama (Aiken) says:

    Congratulations, Faith! Another entrepreneur in the family! Hope it does well for you….

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