Christmas is coming…Faith is getting fat…

November 16, 2007

Remember how I said I was going to take loads of pictures in NC ALMOST 2 MONTHS AGO and post them on the blog? Yeah…about that…

Things are bubbling away here in sunny Chesham. It is actually sunny today, and -2 degrees Celsius. Which is actually on 20-something Fahrenheit but sounds MUCH colder. I’m loving the impending winter.

Except it makes me eat a lot.

My job is moving an hour away, so at Christmas I’m leaving. I’m looking for something else now, mostly magazine and newspaper jobs, and I’m SO excited about where I’m going next. I’ve decided I’m going to be ultra picky cause I want this to be a job I can enjoy. One I can grow in and learn in. I’m desperate to learn and meet new people. I was watching the Chally boys go into school this morning in their uniforms, walking down their oak-cloistered pathway…

I miss school. This is the thing that send me back for my Masters, so I’m fighting it off. Because HELLO, we really can’t afford for me to do more school now, and I know it’s not the time. Maybe 5 years? Then I can become Dr. Dwight. That’s hot.

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  1. Crystal says:

    Faith: I appreciate your feedback on my post at Anne’s blog. I am always really encouraged to hear when women have good stories about their dads. Your’s is no exception. Thank you for sharing it!

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