Do me a solid.

November 18, 2011

I feel like one of those friends who disappears for ages and then calls you up and is like, “Oh my gosh!  How are you!?  I’ve missed you!  Can you do me a huge favour?”

But I promise, that’s not what I’m doing.

I really am back.

But I really would like a favour.

As you can see from the wee button on the right, Great Smitten is listed on a website called Top Baby Blogs.  I have a love/hate relationship with this site, because where we’re ranked on it depends on how many votes we get, and not only one vote from each person, but one vote each day from each person.  Does that make sense?

The point is, if you like this blog, you can vote for it once a day over at Top Baby Blogs, and we’ll move on up the rankings.

And the problem is, they reset the votes every few months, and it all starts over.  So although Great Smitten was #29 a few months ago, when the votes got reset, we got sent to the bottom of the pile.

Here’s how I feel about this:  I love writing this blog.  Over the past year, I feel like God has really helped me home in on the things that I love and want to devote my limited free time to, and writing here is one of those things.  I write Great Smitten because I love to tell stories, and because I love getting comments and emails from people like you who tell me you love reading those stories.  I feel like Great Smitten is a place where I can encourage you guys with what God has done and continues to do in my life.  I want to reach as many people as I can with a message of Hope, Love, and Encouragement.

The higher up Great Smitten is on the Top Baby Blogs rankings, the more people see it, and the more people get that message.  If you like this blog and want to share it with others, please vote for it as often as you like by clicking the button to the right.  When you land on the next page, click the square on the left that says you’d like to vote for this blog.

If you like it and want to share it with others, but don’t want to vote for it on Top Baby Blogs, that okay too.  There are others things you can do, like:

Like Great Smitten on facebook.

Grab my button over to the right and add it to your blog.

Just generally tell your friends.

Thanks everybody!  That’s it for my groveling today. I won’t say anything else about it for a very long time.

Have a freaking brilliant weekend!  I know I will – my parents arrive tomorrow and will spend Adlai’s First Birthday and Thanksgiving with us here in England!  We’re just about to implode with excitement.

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