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April 2, 2012

Happy Monday, Happy April, and Happy Dreaming!

Do Your Dream is back , and this week I’m talking to Christy Knutson of Moxie Speak.  When I first got to know Christy, she was Christy Lee, and we were about 13 years old.  Okay, I was 13 years old.  Christy may or may not be a couple of years younger than me.  But who’s counting?

After high school, we went to different colleges, I went galavanting off round the world (as you may have heard), she went galavanting round the country, we both got married, and both ended up back in North Carolina, where we got thrown back together at a charity event Christy had organized while working for the MS Society.

It was fun getting to know Christy again as grownups – we met up for lunches, worked together professionally, and even took a sewing class together (where we made a horrific button-down shirt).

Now Christy’s got a cute baby girl, and is following her creative/entrepreneurial dreams (there’s got to be a better word to describe this: creatipreneurial?  entreative?).

Allow me to introduce you to Christy Knutson: communications expert, awesome party planner, and super mama.

Name: Christy Lee Knutson

Age(ish): 27

Location: Raleigh, North Carolina

Your business: Moxie Speak
Moxie means energy, pep, courage, determination and know-how. Moxie Speak is all about telling stories through a strategic cocktail of marketing, public relations, graphic design and social media.

Your resumé in 10 words or less: sailing camp counselor, waitress, nonprofit event manager, freelancer, communications professional, mother/business owner (a little over 10 words – is that allowed? :))

How did your dream begin? It went like this: Little Miss Most Likely to Succeed enters college focused solely on her career. She experiences her first taste of love and something clicks. Her heart desires a family and career – in that order. She combines her love for writing and communications with her passion to serve the sick and hurting. Icing on the cake? She opens her own business where she can work from home and control her schedule for optimal baby/family time. Bliss!

Christy, her husband Jon, and their little cutie, Annazalie.

What was the thing that finally gave you the courage to start? Pregnancy and the lure of working on my own time with a cat in my lap.

What has been the biggest surprise about owning your own business? I’m a pansy. Negotiating contracts makes me want to hide. {I suppose I already knew I was something of a pansy…but the contract portion caught me off guard.}

Have you made any embarrassing mistakes? I accidentally told a gentleman in Babies R US that he had a big package. Ok…so maybe that doesn’t technically have to do with my business. But it was horrifying. You’re welcome.

What advice would you give to someone trying to get the courage up to start their own business? There’s no time like the present. Seriously…don’t wait. Get started today. Right now. This second. Living intentionally means ignoring your fears and not wasting time. Be smart but don’t waste time. We don’t have much of it, you know.

What has been the single best investment you’ve made in your business? A 9-hour-a-week nanny. Hallelujah! Sweet sanity.

Is there anything you miss about life before being a business owner? Collaboration. My favorite clients are those who bring previous marketing/communications experience to the table and challenge me.

What inspires you? Everything! My head spins much of the time because I see inspiration at every turn.

How many hours a week do you work (be honest!)? 15-20

You’ve got $100 extra to spend on something for your business – what’s it going to be? Entirely unnecessary office supplies. They make my heart race.

What one thing makes your life so much easier? Honest answer? My husband, Jon. He’s not so much a “thing,” but he makes all of this possible. Love you babe!

Christy and I worked together on this book - she designed, I edited.

What are your top three priorities in life?
Learning what it means {and how} to follow Christ.
Soaking up every second with my favorite people.
Helping those who are creating a more beautiful world tell their stories.

What keeps you awake at night? Snuggly cats

Quick-fire round:

Current favorite album: Gavin Degraw: Sweeter
What calms you? The sea
Accountant or DIY Finances? DIY finances…with a CPA best friend
Noise or silence while you work? Noise

Christy’s lovely portrait was taken by Ashley Perry Blevins, whose (maiden) name you may recognize from this post.

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See you soon!

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  1. christyleeknutson says:

    THANK YOU Faith! Much love to you and all of your featured ladies who are doing their dreams. We are blessed!

  2. Anna Altman says:

    Two lovely ladies! I’m so glad you are my friends. I’m so proud of you both. You inspire me immensely 🙂 xo

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