England is brilliant.

June 7, 2009

We landed in London bright and early Friday morning – thanks to everyone who prayed for safety!  I took a 3-hour nap when we got in, and haven’t stopped partying/visiting/reuniting since then.  

Friday night we met up with friends at the Queen’s Head – my favorite pub in Chesham.  It’s in the old part of town.  You know, the part with the cottages and tiny doors.

Saturday, we hit up our friend Russell’s birthday party.  I swear, Russell and his wife Ellie throw the BEST parties – always themed, always all-out on the costume front.  Russell’s birthday a couple of years ago had a pirate theme, Ellie’s last birthday was a masquerade ball, and this one was a Cowboys and Indians party.  I, being from Benson – home of Mule Days – didn’t have to do much.  I just put on a plaid shirt (which I always wear) and cowboy boots (which I always wear).  Unfortunately, cowboy hats don’t travel well; neither do guns.  Yikes.  

But we’re pretty cute, no?


Here I am with Ellie – she’s an Indian, obviously, but we put our differences aside for the party’s sake.  Kind of like Thanksgiving.  



This morning, we visited our old church, Broadway Baptist, and I got to hold my friends’ Simon and Christine’s new baby boy, Nathan.  


After church, we – quite controversially – went for coffee with all our friends at Starbucks.  We used to go to Caffé Nero after church every Sunday, but apparently The ‘Bucks is much better now that our favorite barista has moved over.  You may remember him from this post, and I think you’ll be pleased to know he remembered my order – a soy chai latté – AGAIN.  How does he do it?

It’s great to be back with all our friends, in the community where we started our married life.  It’s weird to be here, but mostly it’s weird because it isn’t weird.  

In a way, it feels like we never left.



5 responses to “England is brilliant.”

  1. Ellie says:

    Love you chica! xx

  2. sociallyactive says:

    those photos make me so happy, i’m not gonna lie. good times are had with all of the above people.

  3. Helen says:

    Never leave agaaaaaaaain xxxxx

  4. Evan says:

    You can tell from the pics that everyone has really cool accents!!

  5. J says:

    We miss you here in the US!!!!!!!! Hope the fun continues…

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