Excerpts from my journal

April 30, 2009

Scarborough, England

September 11, 2003

Just before I left the US in August to study in England, a good friend of mine confessed his love for me (I’ve changed his name for privacy’s sake). 

My heart is confused about David.  I love him, but I find myself trying to force feelings that I just don’t have.  I need to stop, and to trust the fire will be ignited in me if that’s the case, and if not, well, then, we’ll just see…

It just doesn’t make sense that this wonderful man would be in my life , and I just wouldn’t be in love with him.

I just wonder what else is out there…

September 23, 2003

I can’t go to sleep yet.  I just had such a fun time with Graham, Hazel, and Simon – people I met at church on Sunday.  They invited me over for “tea” (which is supper).  Graham made spaghetti bolognese, and garlic bread (which was basically just buttered toast), and we had jell-o (“jelly”) for dessert, and ice cream.  So funny.

Graham loves to tell stories, and he gets so excited you can barely understand what he’s saying.  Simon is funny.  Quieter, but when he talks, it’s witty…I’d like to hang out with him again; maybe without Graham, so we could talk more. Simon asked if I was doing anything tomorrow night, but I am going to see Carmen with Jessy at the the theatre.  Maybe later.  I’ll email him tomorrow.

I had a good conversation with Mom today.  She said I’ll know when I meet the One, and that David being “perfect” for me isn’t enough…

4 responses to “Excerpts from my journal”

  1. Jennafleur says:

    Whoa… eerie foreshadowing 🙂 Nice meeting you and Simon on Friday! Twitxr totally lost all of my “men in skirts” tweets… made me so mad!

  2. J says:

    AWESOME… Love you guys.

  3. catherine says:

    your book is going to be amazing. i love you so much. thank you for coming to visit me the past couple of days…

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