Five Things Friday

January 4, 2013

Five Great Things on the Internet

1. My Everyday – a series on Kelli + Vanessa, about creative moms.  Aaaand, I just so happen to be featured today.

2. An Uncomfortable January – a series going on over at Lark & Bloom.  Liz is using the month of January to face uncomfortable challenges every day; things like taking her dog to get acupuncture.  She’s a little bit hilarious, and I love this idea.  Plus…you might see a familiar face over there, doing something uncomfortable, in the next week or two.  I’m just saying.


3. Making Things Happen 2013. I mentioned this earlier in the week.  Lara Casey is the founder and editor of Southern Weddings magazine, among many other amazing things, and she’s leading her readers (that’s me!) through a goal-setting process on her blog.  I’m kind of loving it.

4. She Reads Truth.  She Reads Truth is a movement of women committed to spending time every day studying the Bible.  If you’ve got a access to the YouVersion Bible app on your phone, you can download it and follow the She Reads Truth plan.  Or, you can follow along on their blog. I just started the January “Fresh Start Plan” (which I like to do in my bed first thing in the morning or last thing at night) and it’s not too late for you to jump on board.

5. Heather Armstrong Photography.  A friend of mine just introduced me to this photographer, and I love her style.  When I’ve got time (like, after I finish a copywriting project I’ve got due next week), I’m going to pore over every. single. photo.


2 responses to “Five Things Friday”

  1. larkandbloom says:

    Whoo! I made Five Things Friday. Can’t wait for your appearance. I may even photoshop a mustache on you…

  2. I want to press LIKE ON THIS! :/

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