Five Things Friday

February 1, 2013

Five Things I’m Dreaming Of

1. Meeting my new little boy.  Now that it’s February, I can finally say he’ll be here next month.  Unless, of course, I’m overdue. (Please no.)

2. A house with a third bedroom.  We’ve mmm-ed and ahh-ed for months about whether to stay put or look for another place with one more room, and I’m still hoping we’ll find somewhere with a room we can use for an office, and offer to our guests so they can feel welcome and comfortable, rather than an air mattress on our living room floor.

3. A new computer. I’ve got my eye on an iMac.  It’ll look so pretty in my new, three-bedroom house. 😉

4. Getting away with Simon one last time before this baby comes.  He’s booked a week off later this month, and we’ve gotten my in-laws to offer to keep Adlai, so we’ll be off – probably only for one night – to stay in a hotel, go swimming, eat a nice, quiet dinner, and drink coffee and read the newspaper for two hours straight.

5. My 31st birthday. It’s later this month, and I feel pretty ready for it.  Mostly because I’ve already got in mind how I want to celebrate, and I have a ridiculous love for my birthday.  In fact, for my whole birthday month.  Which, by the way, starts today. Let the Festival of Faith begin!

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  1. Feels like life is about to get very exciting! All the best!

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