Get to ropin’.

September 22, 2010

Yesterday was the seventh anniversary of the day I sat down beside Simon on a wooden pew at the back of a church in Northern England.  The very first time I ever laid eyes on him and his black Adidas Sambas.

In honor of that day, I’m giving you a refresher course in How to Rope an Englishman.

That is, here are the first five installments.  Read ’em and weep.  And then get ready for the long awaited (and, admittedly, long overdue) Part Six.

How to Rope an Englishman, Part Un: Derek*

How to Rope an Englishman, Part Deux: Getting It

How to Rope an Englishman, Part Trois: Mrs. Adventure

How to Rope an Englishman, Part Quatre: Back-Row Baptists

How to Rope an Englishman, Part Cinq: Fat Stanley

2 responses to “Get to ropin’.”

  1. Viki says:

    Five months I have been waiting, FIVE months! You are about to make my week Mrs Dwight!

  2. Jennifer & Chad says:

    LONG OVERDUE… but understandably so!!!! Can’t wait!!!!!!

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