Grab My Button (if you please)

March 27, 2011

My friend Lawrence was my go-to designer at skirt! before I left the building almost two years ago.

A super-nice guy and a super-talented designer, we bickered like an old-married couple at work.  Thankfully, he still answers my e-mails, and I’ve been bombarding him with design questions just the way I did when we sat desk-by-desk in the skirt! office.  Only this time he doesn’t have to put his iPod headphones in and pretend to be listening to early 90s monster ballads to avoid me.

He did, however, help me figure out how to create a lovely Great Smitten button and install it over on my right sidebar (go ahead – have a look-see) for you to grab and share on your blog.  I (and Lawrence) would be ever so grateful if you’d grab that bit of code over there and stick it on your own blog to share with others.  You know, if you want to.

Lawrence thanks you.

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