Here we go again.

May 28, 2009

Since Simon and I got married, it has been our constant prayer that our life would glorify God, and that it would never – ever – be boring.

There are days, like yesterday, when part of me would like to take that prayer back.  

We told our landlady back in April, when I got laid off, that if she found someone who’d like to rent our house, we’d move out before our lease is up at the end of June.  We thought we could move in with my parents for a couple of months to save some money and figure out where we’re headed from here.  We hadn’t heard much, but then two nights ago, when we returned from helping our friends Steve and Sarah settle into their new home in Winston-Salem, we had a message from her saying she’d found someone, if we were still interested.  

Our first reaction was, “No, that’s too soon.  We’re not ready.”

But then we thought about it.  We’re going to England for two weeks in June, and to the beach with friends for a week.  Three weeks out of June we won’t even be here, and then we’ll move out after that – so what’s the point of paying rent?  Not much.  

In the meantime, we’d decided next week would be the best time for the visit to England we’ve been craving.  So now we’re moving this weekend, and leaving for England on Thursday.  We’re having a good clean-out and throwing loads away.  And we’ve got friends coming in from out of town this weekend (to watch the FA Cup Final), so you’d better believe we’ll be recruiting them to pack boxes after the match.

Yeah, it’s pretty chaotic.  

But we asked for it.  

Ever prayed a prayer you wanted to take back?

(ps – Interested in buying an organ?)

2 responses to “Here we go again.”

  1. J says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOO… too soon…. please don’t move far… we will miss you too much!

  2. Sherri says:

    Heehee..I prayed that I would never live an ordinary life, sorta along the same lines, but so far Im enjoyin the challenges. Sounds so exciting to take that leap of faith and move sooner than expected. Im eager to see what He has next for ya!

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