How a Man Smells

November 28, 2012

During the summers in college, I worked at an all-girls’ camp.  My friend Molly had a Bath & Body Works air freshener hanging from the ceiling fan in her room.  It was Moonlight Path.  And she said she liked it because it smelled like a man.  Go ahead and laugh if you want – I know what she meant.

This morning, my friend Amaris sent me a message to say she was up (in America) in the middle of the night, working.  But, she said, it wasn’t that bad, because she was accompanied by the lingering smell of a man who’d been helping her earlier.

Le Male. In a man-shaped bottle and everything.

When Simon and I first started dating, he wore Jean Paul Gaultier’s Le Male.  It comes in a man-shaped bottle and everything.  He hasn’t worn it much the last few years, and now, every time I walk by a man who’s wearing it, or smell it in a department store, I am 21 and it is Autumn and I have butterflies in my stomach.

(On a negative note, I occasionally smell my ex-boyfriend’s Hugo Boss and I am 18 and it is summer and I am depressed.)

The smell of a man’s cologne is a powerful thing. For me, it is the smell of sweet memories. For Molly and Amaris, it was the smell of possibility.

How about you?  What colognes (or perfumes) make you feel, hope, remember?

12 responses to “How a Man Smells”

  1. Anna says:

    My husband wore CK One while we were dating. Now I spray it on his pillow whenever he’s away on work trips.

  2. pyeacres says:

    My ex-girlfriend wore Beautiful by Este Lauder (sp?). I stop in my tracks and have instant recall on the sound of her voice and incrediblly precise details of places we went, movies we watched, food we ate, etc. Smell is a powerful connector to memories (good and bad).
    Great blog about guys colognes. (I don’t reply to blog post, by the way but this is a topic that I think about a lot). I have always enjoyed wearing cologne. However, recent work place policies on “scents” has taken some of those opportunities away. This sounds strange, but wearing cologne gives me confidence. I wear CO Bigelow Barber (and don’t laugh, but that cheap Stetson stuff is still nice but I doesn’t last long and it dries the hell out of my skin.) Wait. Did I just comment on fragrance products?? Don’t tell my friends.
    There’s my 2… ahem.. scents.

  3. Red for men. I call the jar candles “man in a can” Love the smell of men!

  4. beautifulfrolic says:

    Can pyeacres and I be friends?
    And seriously, could you spread the word to the rest of the men of the world to wear cologne? It. makes. me. so. happy.
    I also wear a different perfume for relationships, so JLo Live just can’t be worn ever again.
    And I don’t know what it is about the smell of a man, but hoo Lawdy, do I go to sleep faster. 🙂

  5. molly says:

    ahem 🙂 i still love the smell of a man…now, if i could only catch a good one.

  6. pyeacres says:

    Beautifulfrolic, we sure can! (thanks for the “like” by the way). Now that we’re friends, what’s the story on the SOB who put “stink” into JLo Live? I’ll tell the guys it’s time to dust off the bottles of buried Brut 33, Old Spice and Hai Karate (gag. I’m joking).
    Sleep tight 😉

  7. Peaches says:

    Oh. I so get the man scent thing! Yes! I love my man’s natural scent 9as long as it isn’t TOO ripe) but there i a dark chocolate axe spray (i know axe..yuck, but this actually smells good) that is TO DIE for!

  8. Rhonnie says:

    Love this. LOVE man smell! (that is, most colognes…certain ones make me sick if they’re too sweet). But I think guys underestimate the power of a good manly cologne (and not using too much of it), it does wonders!
    This happens to me with the smell of my ex’s shaving cream…not terrible memories just weird nostalgia hits me. And then, this might sound creepy, but my Dad always wore Polo and when I smell that it REALLY brings me back to being a kid.

  9. Caitlin says:

    I love the guy’s smell. It seems that no matter what cologne my husband puts on, they all end up smelling very similar in the end. I love to cuddle up with him and nuzzle on his neck and get a whiff of his cologne… 🙂

  10. barbdsykes says:

    Ahh, lovely post. Interesting enough, my hubby of 16 months doesn’t wear any cologne – though freshly showered he smells like pantene shampoo with a light linger of lavender soap. Hmm. Now, come to think about it, quite a few of past boyfriends didn’t wear cologne as well.

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