I quit.

November 30, 2011

Usually when I go quiet here, it’s because something big is going on.  Remember when you didn’t hear from me for a while and then I was like, “Yeah, I’m pregnant”?

I’m not pregnant, by the way.  Holy Moses.

What I am, is working out my notice as Web Content Editor for DadTalk, the website where I’ve been working since June of last year.  I love these guys, and they’ve been good to me, but lots of things in my life have changed (hello, Adlai), and lots of things over there have changed (hello, new government funding), and I’ve decided it’s time for me to make some changes. I’m so excited about what I’m about to embark on, and I intend to let you in on it soon, but that’s why I’ve been so shady.

So yeah, watch this space.  Stuff is about to get real good.

6 responses to “I quit.”

  1. Viki says:

    I’m excited for you, I’ve missed you here (I miss you) and so I’m looking forward to not only being let in on the secret, but hearing about how your life is developing. I’m so happy you’re happy xx

  2. GreatSmitten says:

    Thank you Viki! I’ve missed it too. x

  3. Alvetta says:

    Excited about the path God has so lovingly placed you on. Surely He has wonderful things planned for not only you, but for your family. God allows you to dream so big for a reason, Faith. For you have been trusted with an anointing that will touch the nation.

  4. ZJ says:

    I love your new photo, so beautiful.
    And excited for your next adventure.

  5. katiejo42KJ says:

    I’ll be honest, I’m disappointed you aren’t pregnant. More fresh babies are always welcome…

    That said, good luck in your new adventures!

  6. KJ says:

    Hmmm…. not sure what happened to my name in the previous comment…

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