Three words: vacation, vacation, vacation.

June 17, 2009

Finally, we’re back from England, after a two-week visit that, to be honest, felt very little like a vacation.  We were so desperate to see everyone we’ve been missing for the past year,  that we made plans morning, noon, and night.  Fun, but exhausting.

Now we’re back on American soil, I’ve got allergies, and Simon caught a stomach virus from his mom just as we were leaving the country.  Basically, I think we’ll be spending the next couple of days recovering – until we head to MYRTLE BEACH (said in a Spring Break! tone) on Friday with three of my best friends from college and their husbands.

Our 5-day beach weekend plans include:

Now that sounds like a vacation.

*Power UNO is my favorite card game.  I’m not sure where it came from; it was passed on to me from my sister, who learned it from her friend Jimmy, who learned it from one of his friends, so…who knows?  It’s a souped-up version of regular UNO, and it’s super addictive.  Basically, it’s regular UNO, plus these extra rules:

  1. Any time anyone lays down a 0, everyone has to make an O shape with their mouth and pop their hand on it – last one to do this has to draw another card. (Play picks up with the person to the left of the one who had to draw.)
  2. Any time someone lays down a 9, everyone has to slap the table.  Last one to do this has to draw a card. (Again, play picks up to the left.)
  3. You can go out of turn if you have the EXACT same card (same color, same number) that someone has just played.  For instance, someone across from me lays down a blue 2.  It’s not my turn, but if I’m fast, I can lay down a blue 2, thus getting rid of my cards quicker.  (Play picks up to the left of me.)
  4. If someone lays down a Draw 2, and you’re next, you can lay down another Draw 2 if you’ve got one, instead of drawing.  If you do this, the person after you has to draw 4, unless they have a Draw 2, which means the next person has to draw 6, etc.  My friend Ashley once had to draw 16!  Ouch.
  5. If you’re stuck, and you can’t play, you can ask if anyone can help you, instead of drawing a card from the deck.  If another player has a card you need, they can slide it across the table, face down, and say the magic “You can trust me” word which, for some reason, is “Cougar.”  The trick here is that sometimes, people are just trying to get rid of card, and there’s nothing that says they can’t lie, so you’ve got to decide whether you trust them or not.  Remember when Ashley had to draw 16? Well, it was her turn, there had been 8 Draw 2’s laid down, and she asked if anyone can help.  My scumbag friend Steve gave her an earnest look and said, “Cougar, Ashley, cougar” and slid a card across to her.  It was a yellow 1.  She couldn’t play it and had to draw 16. Steve is a jerk.*

*Steve is not a jerk.  He’s actually probably the nicest guy I’ve ever met.

3 responses to “Three words: vacation, vacation, vacation.”

  1. callie says:

    This makes me happysad.

  2. evan says:

    Didn’t you plan a few of those conferences? 🙂 Glad you have a getaway. I need a week where no one knows where I am.

    • atomicblonde says:

      Uh, NO. What I did plan was that awesome skit where the founders of Crusade were the Brady Bunch. Sweet. 😉

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