I think we’re gonna make it.

April 7, 2009

downtheaisle1Today marks the two-year anniversary of my wedding to the sexiest man on earth. I will never understand how it can feel like we’ve been married forever and a mere few days, all at once. I suppose the best way to explain it is that the time has flown by, but I can’t really remember what life was like before I knew him.

A friend of mine listed 14 reasons why she loved her husband on their 14th anniversary; listing two reasons why I love Simon seems kind of dumb, so I’ve chosen the very reasonable number of ten.

So, here you go, Baby. Print these out and stick them on the mirror for those days when I’ve just given you another lecture about your toothbrush residue on the bathroom counter.

  1. I love Simon because he’s seen me in elastic-ankle sweatpants and still thinks I’m sexy.
  2. I love Simon because he doesn’t make fun of me when I forget I’m not alone and sing “O Holy Night” Mariah-style in the shower.
  3. I love Simon because, when I called him to tell him I’d been laid off, he said, “That’s a relief.”
  4. I love Simon because he physically made me buy four things in the Oxford Street TopShop when I’d spent two hours in there and came out empty-handed because I have guilt issues about spending money on myself.
  5. I love Simon because he loves my crazy family.
  6. I love Simon because he knows the value of “good PR” when it comes to my family.
  7. I love Simon because he makes no apologies for the fact that he has to have his hair just so.
  8. I love Simon because I sometimes wake up to feel his hand on my face at night and hear him whispering prayers for me.
  9. I love Simon because he wants to be an amazing father and, for that reason, will be.
  10. I love Simon because I choose to every day, because I made a promise to him and to our God that I would.

Happy Anniversary to my husband!

6 responses to “I think we’re gonna make it.”

  1. J says:

    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I love you guys so much… love #8…

  2. amanda says:

    yea yea. congratulations and happy anniversary to both of you!!

  3. callie says:

    🙂 Thanks for testifying the biblical truth of no. 10. Also, I’m sure your rendition of O Holy Night is well worth listening too!

    Happy Anniversary!

  4. Sabrina says:

    What a beautiful list of reasons. Congratulations again to you both! (You give me something to look forward to in my own life.)

  5. C says:

    J & C love Simon & Faith because:
    1. You spent your anniversary watching the hockey game with us! Two words.. Hat Trick!
    2. Simon’s “Yay America!” comment at their first visit to C’s July 4th party!
    3. Faith’s wicked goodness at kickball.
    4. Simon’s willingness to learn about American football at C’s Superbowl party.
    5. Playing the game of Life by candlelight. 6. Playing Scattergories by candlelight.
    7. Simon’s affinity for C’s homemade ping pong table.
    8. Faith’s cell pic comparing C’s head to the shape of a grape!
    9.Faith and Simon’s photogenic style at concerts.
    10. Faith and Simon’s friendship and kindness that we have shared in such a short amount of time.

    Happy Anniversary you crazy kids!

    Faith, we are both glad that you could QTB!

  6. Helen says:

    8-10 just made me blub. I’m hormonal. Hurry up and dry your hair so we can go out xxxx

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