I think you watched it too.

June 17, 2009

I remember watching an episode of Touched by an Angel, guest starring child opera singer, Charlotte Church.  In it, Roma Downey lamented that she wished she had a voice as beautiful as Church’s, which could make the sounds Downey heard in her head, could praise God the way Downey dreamed of doing.

My mom was watching with me, and said, “That’s how I feel.”

As a singer, I hadn’t thought before, how it must feel to open your mouth and hear something come out that doesn’t match what’s in your heart.

But when I watch a dancer move her body like – let’s be honest – I’ll never be able to…

I get it.



3 responses to “I think you watched it too.”

  1. sytycd says:

    Incredible performance and it’s so true. I feel like my moves should be that refined, but then they’re not.

  2. sociallyactive says:

    the first one is the best dance of all SYTYCD time. or possibly ever.

  3. callie says:

    I wish we got SYTYCD here. Oh well….

    As someone trained in classical ballet, while I loved the first one, I really really appreciated seeing the technical elements in the second…. the pirouettes, modified fouettes, and the extension in their arabesques and jetes. 😉

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