I’m famous on Amazon.

August 5, 2010

Um, what is wrong with me?  Why haven’t I told you this?

The book I edited this year, written by Derek Sisterhen, is now for sale on Amazon.

It’s called Get Naked (obviously), and it’s really good.


I’m not just saying it.

While my expertise lies in writing and editing, Derek’s expertise most certainly lies in helping folks understand their money and get a grasp on it – especially within marriage.

By the time I finished, I was totally inspired and equipped to…well…get naked with my own money in my own marriage.

So if you’re engaged, or newly married, or have been married for a long time, or aren’t even dating anyone but want to get some good financial advice and maybe prepare for the day when you one day, might be married, you can buy it here.

And yeah, I’ll autograph it for you.

*Yeah, I get paid to do this stuff.  Got something you need written, proofread, or edited?  Check out my website and drop me an email.

2 responses to “I’m famous on Amazon.”

  1. Great job editing the book Faith! Derek is a fantastic writer and to say this book is motivating is an understatement.

    If your readers haven’t read it, they need to ASAP. It will change their life.

  2. Hey Faith,

    Thanks so much for plugging the book! You did a fantastic job with the editing – I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you embracing my style and all the contractions.

    I’m going to start the next book in January 2011, so get ready for more!

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