I’m not the only one who’s smitten.

September 23, 2009

In fact, there are two other Smitten blogs I frequent and subsequently drool over: one, because everything on it looks so delicious, and the other, because everything on it looks so delicious.

Smitten Kitchen is the first: a food blog by a lady named Deb who cooks up yummy things in her tiny New York City kitchen.  Incidentally, Deb’s latest post is about the birth of her first child, Jacob Henry, which is relevant to me only because everyone I know has a bun in the oven at the moment.  Don’t jump to conclusions, the only thing I’m cooking right now is all the bread you could ever eat.

Second is Sharon Clark’s Smitten Photography blog.  I first became a stalker fan of Sharon’s when I was editing Carolina Bride, and saw some of her photos of a wedding we were covering.  Her work is gorgeous, and I love how she uses photos like this to tell the stories of the couples she photographs.


I mean, seriously.  Yummy.

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