I’m Obsessed With ___.

December 12, 2011

Pretty much everything I’m obsessed with right now has to do with photography.

This picture of my beautiful son, which was made possible by my second obsession…

My new 50mm lens.  I can’t take a picture of it because it’s on my camera.  But if I could marry a piece of photographic equipment, this would be it.

Jose Villa’s book, Fine Art Wedding Photography.  My sweet friend Sara mailed it to me all the way from the US of A.

Sara, by the way, is a former editor of skirt! (like me!) and has just started her own business.  She’s über talented.  Not to mention one of the most beautiful people I’ve ever seen in person.

Check back later this week for some gorgeous photos I took over the weekend with my fiancé lens!


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  1. he is a beautiful little guy!

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