I’m Obsessed with ___.

November 10, 2010

Oh goodness, the closer we get to my due date, the flakier I get.  That’s why I’m bringing you this week’s obsessions nearly two days late.  But late is better than never, right?  At least that’s what I keep telling myself (as I beg God to let me go into labor by my due date).


Anyhoo…I’m totally obsessed with some stuff this week, like…

1. Mulled wine.  Y’all.  Seriously.  I love this stuff.  Granted, I can’t drink it right now, but as soon as I get this baby out and Christmas rolls round, I’m all over it.  You can buy it pre-made, but I don’t.  Here’s what I do:

Put a big ol’ pot on the stove, pour in a bottle of red wine (I use a Cabernet, usually – nothing fancy), then throw in a couple of cinnamon sticks, a few cloves, some orange and lemon slices, and enough brown sugar to make it as sweet as you want it.  Let it simmer for a little while – not boil – and then dip it into pretty cups and drink it up.  Divine.

It also makes your whole house smell like straight-up Christmas, so it’s perfect for parties.


2. Away We Go.  I thought this movie would make me homesick, but it just made me happy.

Plus, when we were stroller shopping, I just kept thinking, “I love my babies…why would I want to push them away from me?”

3.  Attic bedroom.  I have an attic bedroom.  Why doesn’t it look like that?

4.  This nursery from ohdeedoh.com.  Color me inspired.

5.  This big girl onesie.  Folding all Baby Dwight’s clothes has made me wish I had a onesie all my own…looks like I could.


6. Hovis bread commercials are the best.

7. Turk.  I’ve been watching a lot of Scrubs re-runs lately, and Turk cracks me up.  For reals.

8. These baby leggings.  And at £2.40 each, I’ll take all of them. (Except the pink ones – Simon wouldn’t approve)

9. This so cute helicopter sent to Baby Dwight by my friend Callie, who lives in Jerusalem.  Handmade by special needs Israelis, handpicked by Callie’s gorgeous little boy, Aviel.

10. The sunset from my front window.  Love, love, love.

Until tomorrow…

For real.  I’ll be back tomorrow.  Promise.

4 responses to “I’m Obsessed with ___.”

  1. amanda says:

    you introduced me to mulled wine at your Christmas party in Smithfield 2 years ago. thank you. 🙂

    i have an attic bedroom at my parents house. it doesn’t look like that. but when we built it, i insisted that the bead board walls and ceiling all be white. so it’s cool, just not that cool.

  2. Jennifer says:

    You have now inspired me to try mulled wine. (And P.S. Scrubs rocks. I still miss that show.)

  3. Pia says:

    Congratulations again!

    You know they have onesies at Primark – they have a similar(ish) red one with a norwegian pattern but sans hood. I nearly bought it the other day. But they are made for tall women.

    And I – or Raymond – owns two of those leggings. I adore them but R so does not. He tried them on once and that was it, never wore them. I am going to try it with something underneath but if he still won’t wear it you’re welcome to have them – though a bit big for now 🙂

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