I’m Obsessed With ___.

February 28, 2011

1. Moby Wraps. I want.

2. This lover-ly crosswood print by my friend Beth at Nella Designs.

3. This gorgeous wooden SLR from some of my etsy favorites at Little Sapling Toys.

4. Greek yogurt with honey.  Drool and drool and drool.

(photo source)

5. These vintage leather ankle boots.  Speaking of drooling.

6. These light sabre earrings.  Or, rather, laughing hysterically at these light sabre earrings.

I’m pretty sure Simon would find me more attractive if I was sporting these babies.

7.  Spelling things the British way.  Like light sabre.  And centre.  And colour.  And honour.

Okay, truth be told, I’ve traveled back and forth so many times, and written for publications on both sides of the ocean…I sometimes can’t remember which is which.  Occasionally, I email a friend of mine and ask her how Americans say things.


8. Online grocery shopping.  It saves my life.

9. This blouse from my friend Sabrina’s vintage etsy shop.  I don’t know how she finds such fun stuff.

For the record, this would look ridiculous on me.  Don’t get me wrong, I love a ruffle, but I’ve learned where to draw the line.

10. This Sugar Pie necklace by foundling. I’ve called Simon sugar pie since the day we wed.

Oh, if only I had one of those hard-to-come-by money trees growing in my backyard.

Oh, if only I had a backyard.

And finally…

This little sugar pie.

Stop. It.

3 responses to “I’m Obsessed With ___.”

  1. Thanks for the shout out. Give me the word, and I’ll ship it to you 🙂

  2. amanda says:

    you have a mini-me. i spell one word the british way when i type, but i have no excuse, and i don’t remember what it is right now. ruffles can be pirate-y on some people. i’ve never tried them out. arrrrgh. aaaand i’m pretty intrigued with baby wearing since callie has introduced it to me. it seem like babies can outgrow the stretchy fabric kinda quickly compared to a woven fabric. like once it starts stretching too much (like saggy) it isn’t as safe for the babes. just something to check out. one more thing…i look forward to trying out greek yogurt and honey. thanks for the suggestion.

  3. Hannah Pao says:

    faith, have you perused thebabywearer.com? moby wraps are just the beginning of wrapping babies! woven wraps can be worn all sorts of ways into toddlerhood. stretchy wrap carries are kind of limited (eg, no back carries) and baby outgrows it by 6-8 months (too wiggly for the stretch). i enjoyed using a moby for about four months, then i discovered ring slings and mei tais, my two faves (much faster to put on, and much less fabric to deal with). i joined a babywearing group last summer and have learned to do some wrap carries, too, which has a lovely organic, native-woman look, but the mei tai is still my current fave (fitting — it’s chinese). easy to make, too! (i made one for a lily to carry her babies and animals in 🙂 ) anyway, have fun exploring the world of babywearing beyond the moby and the bjorn!

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