I’m Obsessed With ____.

August 23, 2010

Happy Monday, everybody, and welcome to my little world of infatuations and obsessions.

1.  Junebug. Have you seen it?  ‘Cause you should.  It’s set in Winston-Salem, which is where I used to live, and I showed it to the film class I taught last year.  I watched it four times in a week and I still love it.  They talk like me, there’s a weird eccentric artist, and Amy Adams is sheer perfection.

2. This little beauty:  Sparrow Song Mathis, born with a heart defect last week, but coming along splendidly.  Daughter of Mark Mathis, who also happens to be a great musician, who also happens to be giving away all his music in honor of his sweet little baby daughter.

3.  These wee Mary Janes, made by Marcia.

4. Mila’s Daydreams. Best baby blog ever.

5.  My friend Sarah’s baby, Wyatt.  We Skype.

6.  This Real Simple Cheddar Chicken recipe I made last night.  It was Real Simple.  And Cheddar-y.

And man, so good.

7.  This lovely fireplace display of old-fashioned cameras and radios, from Allister’s house.

8. Every little thing from walkinlove clothing.  I bought Simon this t-shirt for his birthday back in May, now I want a girly one all my own.

See you tomorrow!

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