It’s always too soon.

November 17, 2009

Ten minutes before class started last night, I ran to the adjunct workroom to print off some reading for my students.  While it was churning out of the copier, I checked my work email and saw an email from the Dean of my department entitled “Carson Earp.”  Carson hasn’t been to class in three weeks, so I supposed this was a note to say he was dropping.

If only…

Carson passed away last Thursday.  He was 22.  I don’t know any details, and I missed the funeral – it was yesterday morning – but I was floored by the passing of this young man.  I don’t think I will ever become immune to the shock of finding out a young person has died before their time.

I don’t know a lot about Carson, but here’s what I do know:

He was tall and handsome, and had a friendly smile and a smooth Southern drawl.  The first week of class, he came in late, a bit timid, and sat on the back row.  The next week, he moved closer, up to the third row, and stayed there until a few weeks ago, when he stopped coming.  He smiled  alot, liked Citizen Kane, thought Jules and Jim sucked (everybody does).

He was born in 1987 – the same year as my baby sister – and had two sisters of his own.  Sisters who, right now, must be missing him like crazy.  To those sisters, Emily and Dani, I extend my deepest sympathy.  And to God, I lift a prayer that You’ll wrap your arms tightly around Carson’s family and give them the strength to make it through today, and every day to come.

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  1. Helen says:

    That’s so sad 🙁

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