It’s flippin’ freezing.

January 7, 2010

Eight inches of snow and eighteen degrees outside, and this Carolina Girl is freaking right out.  At the last minute, I had to pull the Snuggie my mom gave me for Christmas out of my backpack because it was taking up too much room.  I never thought I’d want that Snuggie so bad…

We’ve been in England two weeks now, (somehow it feels much longer) and, in a way, I find it frustrating that we’re now snowed in can’t go anywhere.  But the good thing is that we can walk just about anywhere – which is what I love about England – and we’ve been trudging around to Starbucks and the supermarket and friends’ houses on foot.  So really, “We can’t go anywhere” isn’t exactly true.  We can go lots of places.  And we do.

Here’s proof.

4 responses to “It’s flippin’ freezing.”

  1. amanda says:

    i realize it’s not quite as cold in nc as it is where you are, but almost. seriously. (so maybe our lows are more like your highs, but that’s still cold–for carolina girls.)

  2. Sarah says:

    Try -3. Seriously.

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