It’s not stalking if you’re related.

March 9, 2011

As an addition to this week’s obsessions, can I just say I’m obsessed with watching my baby sleep?

I’m not saying that in a joking, “oh-my-gosh, I’m totally obsessed with my baby!” way.  I actually think I’m obsessed.  Like, I have a problem.

When Adlai was just a couple of weeks old, I emailed some of my mama friends and told them I had a problem – that I kept waking up in the middle of the night, holding my finger below his nostrils to make sure I could feel his hot little breath, using the light of my cell phone to watch his chest rise and fall in the middle of the night.  I asked them if this was normal.  They told me it was.

Thankfully, three months later, I sleep a bit better.  But I still check.  And when he’s taking his usual marathon afternoon nap, I’m up and down the stairs to our room on an every-15-minute basis.  Just to check.  Just to watch him.  Just to see his tiny little mouth moving in a dream-sucking-state (I’m pretty sure he’s having visions of a giant boob).

When does it end?  When he’s a year old?  Five years?  Ten?

When he’s eighteen, will I drive to his dorm room and peek in the window, just to be sure he’s still breathing?  (And that there are no skanky girls in there?)

5 responses to “It’s not stalking if you’re related.”

  1. Hope Tyndall says:


    Have you ever read the book “Love You Forever”? This book describes exactly what you are talking about! And I can totally relate.

  2. My daughter just turned 3, and I still check every night before I go to bed (as does my husband, but he would never admit it).
    I cherish those 2 mins that I steal into her room, and give her a kiss, re-tuck her in, and tell her I love her. During those peaceful moments, I remember all the good things about being a Mummy, and the worries, the stress, and the insanity of the day are forgotten. Even if it is for just those 2 minutes.
    Enjoy your precious boy, I know eventually my daughter will request a lock for her door, and our midnight kisses will be gone.

  3. anna hollie says:

    There are occasions, I still (9 months later) shine my little cell phone several times a night just to make sure she’s still there, breathing…

  4. sarah oliver says:

    i’m still obsessed. just wait til there is two…never thought i could be that obsessed about another one. but i am. its awesome. and i want more….in a few years. yikes!

  5. Hannah Pao says:

    i think the kind of attachment that wants to be connected when Adlai is sleeping doesn’t make you just normal. it’s super! actually i am impressed you can let him sleep upstairs! 🙂 i had to hold my little one for the afternoon nap for about 6 months, i think. got little done besides eat lunch (plate on the boppy), watch TV, and/or nap myself. couldn’t. put her. down.

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