It’s only “see you later.”

December 15, 2009

Yesterday, Simon and I loaded a large portion of our earthly belongings into our 1998 Saturn station wagon and made the 2-and-a-half hour drive from Winston-Salem to my parents’ house in eastern North Carolina.  (The other portion of our earthly belongings is currently on a boat somewhere in the Atlantic, making its way to a port in Felixstowe, England.)

I’m here now, at my parents’ house, sitting under a red afghan in their living room, drinking a cup of decaf coffee (they switched because my dad’s blood pressure was too high), and taking deep breaths.  There have been a lot of goodbyes over the past few days.  But so many of those goodbyes have come with “See you in May”s and “Talk to you tomorrow”s and plans for weekly coffee dates via Skype.  As my sweet friend Emily put it, “This isn’t the end of something.  It’s a change, and it just means we have to make use of different technology.”

And thank goodness for technology.  For as much time as I spend lamenting the dirth of authentic communication caused by emails and facebook, I have to hand it to them – and to Skype, and iChat, and gChat and everyone else – they make my goodbyes much more bearable.

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