Jess | Portraits

June 17, 2014

Jess babysits my boys a lot, and they both love her. She brings crafts for them to do and puts on superhero capes and buys them milk and biscuits at the little cafe in our park. She’s also incredibly beautiful and sweet and funny, and we had such a great time taking these photos in the rapeseed fields in the Bedfordshire countryside.



4 responses to “Jess | Portraits”

  1. MaMama says:

    Great photos, Faith! You had a good subject, too….

  2. dasmanuel says:

    Is there no Like-button to click!? Oh well … I like those photos very much!

  3. […] Remember Jess? When I took her portraits a couple of months ago, she mentioned really wanting some photos with her best friend, Molly. We finally got around to doing them last week, and it was so much fun because a) these girls are hilarious and up for anything, and b) they’re GREAT models. […]

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