Know how you want to change the world?

October 3, 2014

You can start right now.

Give what you can to a cause that needs you & win a one-on-one consulting session with me.

Everyone has heard of the Ebola crisis in West Africa. Even if you’re like me and don’t watch the nightly news religiously, you can’t miss it on Facebook or twitter. If you need to catch up, I suggest you read this.

Ebola is spreading at an alarming rate and terrorising entire African communities.

The Raining Season is a group who has been serving the orphans of Sierra Leone for years. And now that Ebola has hit they are continuing to serve the community there and are on the ground providing real-time help.

I’m a dreamer, and so are you. But even though we believe the world can be better, we sometimes get overwhelmed with just what to do. Here’s the answer: we can give ourselves to something bigger. Would you consider donating to The Raining Season as they are working directly with this issue? Even $5 can make a difference.

Every person who donates to Help Stop Ebola can enter for a chance to win a Storm Session with me valued at $100. Just leave me a comment or tell me on social media that you donated and I will enter you into the drawing that will happen Tuesday, October 7th.

Every donation helps – small or large. I’m glad we’re partnering to change the world – we can do so much more together than we can do alone.

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