Lessons in Marital Communication #73

September 16, 2010

Last night, via email:

Dear Mr. Dwight,

I am writing in reference to the Simon Dwight/Faith Dwight September 2010
Budget.  Please consider this a formal request to reapply £20 to the
furniture line of the budget, so that I can buy my child a cot to sleep in
and/or a changing table on which to change his dirty nappies.  Thank you
for your consideration.


Faith Dwight
writer | editor

A couple of hours later…

Dear Ms Dwight,

Thank you for your email inquiry. We aim to respond to all inquiries
within 10 working days.

This is an automated email. Please do not respond to this address.

Kind regards,
Dwight Budgeting

For a Dwighter Future

How did I find someone as dorky as me?

5 responses to “Lessons in Marital Communication #73”

  1. Viki says:


  2. Brenda says:

    I like the company tagline: For A Dwighter Future. You really need to buy that domain… then your baby could have his own url. All the cool babies have their own urls. Miss you!

  3. Miss Niss says:

    Totally needed a good laugh right now. Many thanks to my favorite Dwights!!!

  4. Sabrina says:

    “For a Dwighter Future”

    HILARIOUS. Laughs and laughs!

  5. amanda says:

    oh my. that was great.

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