Letter to myself 10 years ago

December 28, 2009

Dear 17-Year-Old Faith,

You are not fat.  Trust me.  I’ve been looking at photos of you recently and thinking about how many days you’ve been wasting worrying about that tiny bit of cellulite on your right thigh.  Forget about it.  I know you think every one else is perfect, but they are not, and you are beautiful.  You’ll see when you get to college and live in a dorm that all those perfect girls have cellulite too, or facial hair that they dye or wax, or profuse sweating issues, or bad skin that they cover up with lots and lots of Clinique.

Now, in a couple of days, you are going to meet that boy Staci has been telling you about – on New Year’s Eve.  I admit that part of me is tempted to say to you, “STAY AWAY FROM HIM,” but the other part of me really believes that everything happens for a reason.  And I think, without the experience you’re going to have with him, you might not recognize the really good thing that’s coming your way in a few years.  Don’t ask me, I can’t tell you; it will throw off the space-time continuum (or so says Spock in the new Star Trek movie.  But of course, you haven’t seen that.)

So ok, date him if you must.  Open your little heart up for the first time and brace yourself for a couple of hard, learning years.  But remember this: you are worth so much more than you think, and all those dreams you have about travel and adventure and True Love, hold onto those.  Because they’re coming, whether you believe it or not.

I love you,

27-Year-Old Faith

One response to “Letter to myself 10 years ago”

  1. Kristin says:

    you amaze me daily! I miss your wisdom 🙂

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